Check out prices on Uppers.

Check out prices on Uppers.

Postby daBeast » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:00 am ... Dissipator

The Dissipator is a carbine length rifle upper that has a full length sight at the front. This longer sight radius gives a more accurate view for tighter groups.

If you are looking to build AR's, lowers and other parts are getting inexpensive. I think production has increased due to demand, driving the cost down. A completed AR can be had for cheap (about $600), but when you build from an 80% lower you mill yourself, there is no registration, serial number, or background check. So long as you do not sell the item, this is legal. If you sell it, you MUST serialize it and follow the law for it to be a legal transfer. ... .5-762.htm

This is a 7.62X39 10.5" upper, suitable for building a pistol, or an SBR, which would require a form 1 to be filed with the BATFE for it to be legal. SBR's are excellent Urban weapons, as in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) they are not easily grabbed from around a corner, as the barrel does no precede the carrier of it by very much at all.!prod ... ctical-dtr

Here is an interesting shotgun. It falls outside the BATFE regs for a short barrel shotgun (which never should have been regulated in the first place, if you know the history and the reasoning for the Second Amendment). Pricey, but cool and very good for CQC. As in home defense.
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